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There is something so precious and special about an 8 year old child who is ready to make covenants, choose the right and be baptized. There is something special about being able to have your very own photo shoot, especially if you’re like me and you grew up in a big family and you rarely […]

I was so excited when Anne contacted me and told me her whole family was going to be in town for Thanksgiving weekend and wanted to know if we could work out a time to take an extended family picture! YES!!! I love extended family pictures. I have a big family and I LOVE when […]

Thank you just doesn’t really convey my gratitude for the amazing year I had last year, but really THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! That’s 80 SESSIONS guys, EIGHTY!!!! My heart is bursting at your love and support of me and my small business. One of the questions they ask you in the […]

I love working with families and I love watching kids grow up and have kids of their own. This is the daughter of a family we have known since we first moved to Illinois almost 17 years ago. {WOW, that’s a long time!} I’ve known her for many years and I got to take their […]

I love shooting photos outdoor, in the natural light. I love the soft beautiful glow of the sun. I love the beautiful open fields and natural settings…….but honestly October and November were the worst weather months we’ve had in a long time. I think I had to re-schedule 75% of my sessions. It rained and […]

I had the BEST time with the Judd Family at their family pictures!! It was a little chilly, and it’s always an adventure when you’re working with this many kids, but we had a great time!! I grew up in a big family and I remember many years going to get family pictures, but we […]

I could tell right from the beginning that Patti and I were going to get along great. She LOVES¬† pictures and we had such a great time planning her family photo shoot. We had to reschedule a couple times because of weather and scheduling conflicts, but it was worth the wait. We met on a […]

I had so much fun meeting up with The Adams Family while I was in Utah {yes, I’m still playing catch up from a month ago!} Kim and I went to high school together MANY years ago!! I’m so grateful for social media so we can stay connected throughout the years. The first thing I […]

I don’t even know where to start with the Condie Family. There are just some people who walk into your life and you are never the same again. These are those people. I met Annalisa and Greg during a very dark time in my life, I was struggling with depression because I was struggling with […]

I come from a big extended family, I have something like 38 cousins on my mom’s side and 13 more on my dad’s side. When we get together for family events, there are a LOT of us {at the last reunion I think the count was 115 direct descendants on my mom’s side}. That was […]